ALL Year 1 and 2... 

Join our Fun Sticks Hockey Programme

One hour of skills, both with and without hockey sticks. We understand that young children's attention spans aren't too long, so we spend 8 to 10 minutes mastering different activities, before playing a game. 

No equipment (sticks and balls) needed! Please provide your own shinguards and mouthguard.

These can be purchased at the McMillan Hockey Centre GO HOCKEY SHOP.

Where: Held in the Metro Indoor Sports centre (Monday/Thursday) & Logan Park School Gymnasium (Saturday)
When: There will be two intakes this year in Term 2 & Term 3 that you can choose from.

#Note: Due to the facilities we have a maximum of 24 kids per day so get in fast if there is a particular day you would prefer


Term 2 Intake

Thursdays 3:45pm-4:45pm (May 3rd-July 5th 2018) OR

Saturdays 9am-10am (May 5th-July 7th 2018)                       

Term 3 Intake 

Mondays 3:45pm-4:45pm (23rd July to 24th September) OR

Saturdays 9am-10am (28th July to 29th September)

Cost: $75 for the 10 week programme and it also includes a tee shirt!

Register Here

Top orders need to be in 2 weeks before start date so please register before the school holidays!


CLICK HERE  For more information.



Modified games to suit all age groups

Fun Sticks:Years 1&2, fundamental movement and basic skill programme
Mini Sticks:Years 3&4, Modified field-6 a-side games
Kiwi Sticks:Years 5&6, Modified field-6 a-side games
Kwik Sticks:Years 7&8, Full field-11 a-side games

Contact your school to find out about their Hockey teams.

The Otago Junior Competition Handbook has all the information regarding this year's competition here

No school team? Contact us and we will help you find a team.

Small Sticks in School Programme

Get Hockey started in your school...

This 3 year programme includes

  • 4x half hour sessions per class per year taken by a small sticks coach
  • 1x Teachers inservice day
  • 30 sticks and 30 balls FREE
  • 1x FREE resource folder packed with skills and drills
  • A yearly OHA hosted Small Sticks in Schools festival each year for all schools in the programme

If this is something your school is interested in or you would like to know more information please contact us today!